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Ideas of How to Have a Great Showing & Potential Sale

When you are selling your property and a potential Buyer and their agent are going to view your home, here is what you should do to ensure a great showing and potential sale.

First item is to leave when you know they have scheduled the appointment. However, if it is unavoidable, go outside or take a walk around the block to give them the privacy they need. If that is not possible for you to leave, then let their Realtor do the talking because what you say may cost you the sale or net you less money depending on what you might say about your home.

You may be tempted to make remarks, such as, "we have been meaning to remodel the bathroom", or "those floors, countertops, faucets are special and cost $$$$."  Your "good intentions" and "specially ordered products" may not be as special or as valuable to the Buyer as they are to you. Make sure you take the emotion out selling your property.

Secondly Buyers always feel uncomfortable looking through closets, discussing the homes features, problems, etc... with a seller standing over them or hovering in the background. You want a buyer to fall in love with the home and they can't connect to the home if the seller is present. This is why it's always better to not be present during the showing.

One last thing, if you are there, don't make any remarks about price!  When you say something like, "I will be willing to go as low as $$$", or "I will not go lower than $$$", you have decreased you negotiating position.

Remember, let their experienced Realtor do the talking and selling. 

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