What constitutes an eco friendly home


What constitutes an eco-friendly home?

‘#Green’ living can be touted as one of the hottest trends in the real estate market today. Not only does an eco-friendly home save energy costs, but also provides you the opportunity to do your part in sustaining the natural resources and conserving the environment as a whole. Keeping in mind your desire for green #ecohousing, there are a plethora of builders and real estate developers that are constructing eco-friendly communities in various parts of the country. So what exactly goes into building a truly environment-friendly home? Read on!

Reclaimed wood from certified sustainable forests

Eco-friendly homes make use of ""green" building materials such as reclaimed wood that have been obtained from sustainable forests. Not only does it provide a more aesthetically appealing, low maintenance and durable alternative to conventional building materials that are prone to releasing toxic gases in the long run, but also reduces the overall impact of #home building.  

Energy efficient lighting

Most ‘green’ houses are equipped with LED and CFL light fixtures that are vastly more energy efficient than the traditional filament bulbs. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the house, but also enhances the overall nighttime appeal of the interior décor. Many homes are fitted with sensor light switches that can automatically turn off the lights of an empty room.  

Use of solar panels

By utilizing the inexhaustible energy of the sun, solar panels offer a cost efficient alternative for your energy usage. Not only do they allow you to generate cleaner power for domestic use at a fraction of the cost of conventional power, but also offers you the provision of storing the excess energy for future use, without any undue wastage.  

Low-emissivity windows

Dual pane windows with low emissivity coatings are great not only for achieving optimum insulation for better efficiency, but also for substantially cutting down on the intensity of UV rays entering your home and damaging your belongings. High insulation facilitates better performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and also reduces your monthly energy costs.  

Natural ventilation and lighting

Apart from providing your home a brighter and healthier appeal, massive windows and strategically constructed skylights considerably minimize the use of power for lighting during the daytime. Also with the highly advanced HVACs and automatic ventilation systems that are designed to extract power from sustainable resources, you could significantly cut down on your electricity costs.

While choosing to live in an Eco-Friendly home can be a little pricey to begin with, its long-term impacts on both you and your environment’s health are incredible. A green home is not only an ideal way to make a contribution towards the conservation of the environment, but also a great start for a journey towards a better and ‘greener’ future!


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