What Is CIPS and Why Use A CIPS Designated Agent


What is and why use a CIPS Designated Realtor?

If you are a foreign investor looking to buy in the USA or an American citizen looking to buy a property outside the US, it's important to work with the right real estate agent or broker to help you navigate very complex real estate transactions. Working with a CIPS Realtor designee is the only smart answer.  What is a CIPS designee and what does CIPS stand for?

"CIPS " stands for the NAR designation for a Certified International Property Specialist that has extensive training working with buyers and sellers from around the world.  CIPS Designees have to learn about various customs, currency, tax and real estate laws, real estate practices, etc... for most countries in the world. Not only can we help buyers from around the globe buy and sell real estate, it allows us to market your home to fellow CIPS designees from around the world to reach a broader audience.

To be eligible to apply for the NAR CIPS designation, you have be a Realtor and have a certain number of documentable foreign transactions under your belt to receive your designation once you've passed very complex and difficult courses.

I've been a Realtor in Texas for over 23 years and an international real estate consultant for over 16 years. I have taken many courses over the years for my mandatory continuing education requirements and to receive designations. In all the hours and courses and designations I have, (over 1000 hours of education) nothing has ever been as difficult as the classes and test for my CIPS designation. It's definitely not for the meek or timid! I'm proud to be one of only 3000 agents/brokers from around the world with this very prestigious CIPS designation.

To learn more about the CIPS designation and what this designation can do for you as a client, please read the attached article from the National Association of Realtors(NAR).


When you're ready to hire an international CIPS Designee Realtor, let me help you make your dream of foreign ownership a reality.


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